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I asked for a commissioned wig + beard of a cartoon character, and in a short time everything arrived at home ready to be worn, excellent workmanship, very real to the touch I would say that I could not ask for more than this highly recommended

Daniel P.

Penny's wig. I found the service by chance and I immediately thought it was right for me.
I found a fast and helpful contact and an impeccable work that was worth the expense!

Micaela G.

I spoke to a guy named Rob, who was super helpful and super nice. I found the service precise and followed, with a particular interest in the details. Definitely an excellent experience that will lead to future uses of the excellent quality services offered.

Nicolò M.

Super friendly and helpful, I commissioned them to do a job for my Douma cosplay and the result was excellent

Nicola B.

I absolutely recommend this shop, I found some helpful and kind people!! The item arrived with perfect timing and very well packaged .... not to mention the super efficient customer service !! I would say super promoted !!

Clare Z.

We got to know Roberto and the staff for the realization of some parts of the ultra instinct Goku cosplay. An almost unobtainable kindness and professionalism, high quality product, respected delivery times and great precision in the work! highly recommended!

Alexandra L.

I turned to them for a custom costume and I must say that the final result exceeds my expectations. I found professionalism, availability and attention to detail. Excellent communication. I am very satisfied and I will contact them also for the next ones.

Alessia B.

Really great customer service! He followed me from start to finish on my custom project. SUPER COSPLAY!

Luna V.

I wanted a custom cosplay, but I was afraid of taking the measurements from a distance. Instead, the costume arrived and it fits me perfectly

Marzio S.

Looking for the perfect cosplay? Then you have come to the correct place! They are phenomenal and accurate down to the last detail! Roberto is very kind, very nice and he will help you in the realization of your costume! Highly recommended! Seeing is believing!!

Manuel V.

Professionalism, courtesy and availability make them a company to trust blindly. In more than the right times they managed to make me handcraft the Iron Man helmet. Satisfied with the colors, materials, weight and dimensions. Unique piece that you will not find on the market. Kind and above all decisive. Simply the TOP!

Piergiulio M.

Kind staff and always ready to help you! Gorgeous costume, I'm really glad I commissioned it! Thank you very much indeed!

Sheila Z.

I ordered about instagram. Roberto is very friendly and he helped me fast. I didn't wait for my order longer as a month. So, my cosplay is perfect and I am ready for the next cosplay meeting. Thank you from Germany

Mona F.

Great service and great quality!!! super professional!!!

Lorenzo T.

The courtesy of the staff and the quality of the product make this experience truly fantastic

Sarah C.

I found it very good communicating my needs to Roberto who has always been available. The end result was a costume that made me look great!!! Thanks 😉

Barbara V.

I'm really satisfied with Ash Ketchum's (Kanto and Johto Region) cosplay. Excellent attention to detail. All great

Simon Daniel Z.

They are very professional! I always trust them! They use excellent materials, they care about customer needs! I will always choose them! The best!

Roxanne N.

Honestly, I didn't know which site to go to to buy the cosplay I needed, then reading the positive reviews relating to this page, I wanted to believe it and the result was astounding, they took less than expected, the cosplay is done really well and I must admit that they are also very nice!

Christian C.

I bought some gifts for friends (wallets, figures and stuffed animals), all monitored perfectly and arrived perfectly packaged.

Valerio S.

Professional and kind, quality cosplay! An inconvenience with the shipment but they immediately solved it and further improved the final product.

Cippiolippio J.

Why buy from us?

We specialize in creating bespoke and on-demand cosplays. Our team is made up of professional costume designers who will masterfully carry out your cosplay project. Your cosplay will therefore be unique and personalized, handmade with quality materials and with care. Experienced costume designers devote their time and attention to create a product that represents exactly what you cosplayer are looking for. All of this makes the handcrafted cosplay product an ideal choice for those looking for a high-quality and personalized experience, who don't want mass-produced products from quick-made, non-customized generalist sites.

Why not buy from us?

We are slow! We like to reserve all the attention and time necessary to make the cosplay of your dreams come true. If a product does not satisfy us, we make it again. We put all the effort that every single cosplay product deserves. If you are looking for low-cost cosplay products, mass-produced and in predefined sizes and with no guarantee, you don't want to wait for our times then we are not for you. If, on the other hand, you want to evaluate the purchase of a handmade cosplay and live a one-of-a-kind experience, then you are in the right place because we are specialized and offer a professional service for those who want to cosplay, but have no skills manuals or time to do it yourself.

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