Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Cosplay Costume

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Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Cosplay Costume This Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife cosplay costume was created with a very...

Size: Tailor-made


Measures: We will ask for them after your order

We will ask for them after your order

Production Time: 35 - 40 days

35 - 40 days
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Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Cosplay Costume

This Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife cosplay costume was created with a very faithful degree of resemblance to the one worn by Cloud in the famous video game Final Fantasy VII. Cloud Strife is one of the main protagonists of the Final Fantasy VII series. He is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. He also appears in numerous entries in the Final Fantasy VII series as a supporting character, including Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII.

Thanks to your interpretation of the character you will unleash the magic of cosplay and it will be a bit like you bring the entire costume to life, giving that extra touch to your cosplay experience.

Cosplaying will give you a lot of mixed emotions that you will remember for a lifetime. It can be a means to make yourself known on social media, to share joyful moments with your group of friends and you will also have the opportunity to make many new acquaintances which, who knows, could turn into wonderful new friendships.

Here's what will come with your costume

Top, trousers, shoulder pad, brown gloves, belts, brown front harness, right and left armbands, arm guards, left arm bandage and boots.

Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII Cosplay Costume handmade and tailor-made

With us you can forever say goodbye to the problems resulting from choosing the size. In fact, with you won't have to adapt to a standard size, but your costume will adapt to your body and everything will be tailor-made. We will make your cosplay costume perfect for your body type.

If, in the unfortunate event you run into problems with the measurements due to an error on our part, we will remake the piece completely free of charge, without you having to add a single dollar. If the error was caused by your incorrect measurement, we will remake the part (or the entire item) at a lower price than the standard one, all this thanks to our special HAKUNA MATATA INSURANCE so you can purchase without worries from us.

If you want to bring this character to life thanks to your cosplay interpretation and make your cosplay dream come true, now you have no more excuses! We can also create specific quotes for your needs, even for products not present on the site.

Remember: the costume will be handmade and tailor-made for you. You will receive our measurement chart, tested over the years, via e-mail after you have completed your order.

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We will ask for them after your order

Production Time

35 - 40 days

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HAKUNA MATATA INSURANCE Thanks to our special HAKUNA MATATA insurance, you can really eliminate all problems and be "thoughtless". If there are any problems with the measurements due to our error, we will completely redo that part or the entire product from scratch. But there is more! If we verify together that the fault was yours, we will remake that part for you with an exclusive price lower than its normal standard cost.

Take care of your Cosplay

Place your cosplay costume on a hanger and, if possible, covered with a nylon cloth. Otherwise, store in a closed box away from heat sources and humid places. For washing it is recommended to do it by hand, at low temperatures and with lukewarm water and neutral soap, with the help of a sponge.

For cosplay wigs you can straighten and blow dry them; always start with low temperatures and always do it very carefully. To style clumps or specific areas you can use hair wax, gel, strong hairspray and, in extreme cases, even glue. Start by experimenting in non-visible areas and then proceed to the interested part.