Genshin Impact Signora Cosplay Costume

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Genshin Impact Signora Cosplay Costume This Genshin Impact Signora cosplay costume was created with care and attention, trying to make...

Size: Tailor-made


Measures: We will ask for them after your order

We will ask for them after your order

Production Time: 25 - 35 days

25 - 35 days
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Genshin Impact Signora Cosplay Costume

This Genshin Impact Signora cosplay costume was created with care and attention, trying to make the degree of similarity as high as possible compared to that worn by Signora in the video game Genshin Impact. Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, also known as Signora and with her alias "The Fair Lady", was number 8 of the eleven Harbingers of the Fatui and a supporting antagonist in the early chapters of Archon Quests. She is the first Herald to appear in the game when he ambushes and defeats Venti to steal his Gnosis. Her attack leaves a lasting impression on the Traveler, who is very distrustful of the Fatui and their intentions after witnessing that event. Five hundred years ago, before becoming a Herald, Rosalyne was an ordinary young woman from Mondstadt who studied at the Sumeru Academy. When her lover Rostam was killed in the cataclysm, Rosalyne was consumed with despair and hatred and used the art of liquid fire to transform her body into that of a living flame, later becoming known as the Crimson Witch of the Flame. If you want to cosplay this character inspired by the video game Genshin Impact, this cosplay costume will allow you to do and thanks to your cosplay interpretation, the various details of the costume with its refined materials and the workmanship derived from the professionalism and passion of our costume designers who love the world of cosplay, will create a unique mix for the success of your cosplay.

Here's what will come with your costume

Dress, sleeves, cloak, gloves, hair clip (Matching shoes are available for purchase separately).

Genshin Impact Signora Cosplay Costume handmade and tailored

How many times have you had doubts about sizes before buying any product online? With us at you won't have to adapt to a standard size, but your costume will adapt to your body and everything will be made to measure.

We have also created a special insurance called HAKUNA MATATA (no worries!) Which protects you in any possible measurement problem; if, in the unfortunate event, you run into problems with the measurements due to our mistake, we will redo the piece completely for free, without you having to add a single cent. If the error is caused by your incorrect measurement, we will remake the part (or the whole item) for a lower price than the standard one.

If you want to bring this character to life thanks to your cosplay interpretation and make your dream come true, now you have no more excuses! We can also make specific estimates for your needs, even for products not present on the site.

Remember: your cosplay costume will be handmade and tailored for you by a team of professional costume designers specialized in cosplay. You will receive by e-mail our measurement scheme tested over the years, after you have completed the order.

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We will ask for them after your order

Production Time

25 - 35 days

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HAKUNA MATATA INSURANCE Thanks to our special HAKUNA MATATA insurance, you can really eliminate all problems and be "thoughtless". If there are any problems with the measurements due to our error, we will completely redo that part or the entire product from scratch. But there is more! If we verify together that the fault was yours, we will remake that part for you with an exclusive price lower than its normal standard cost.

Take care of your Cosplay

Place your cosplay costume on a hanger and, if possible, covered with a nylon cloth. Otherwise, store in a closed box away from heat sources and humid places. For washing it is recommended to do it by hand, at low temperatures and with lukewarm water and neutral soap, with the help of a sponge.

For cosplay wigs you can straighten and blow dry them; always start with low temperatures and always do it very carefully. To style clumps or specific areas you can use hair wax, gel, strong hairspray and, in extreme cases, even glue. Start by experimenting in non-visible areas and then proceed to the interested part.