Naruto Sakura Haruno Cosplay Wig

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Naruto Sakura Haruno Cosplay Wig This Naruto Sakura Haruno cosplay wig will allow you to have the same Sakura look...

Production Time: 16 - 19 days

16 - 19 days

Parrucca pre-acconciata: It must be styled again after delivery

It must be styled again after delivery
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Naruto Sakura Haruno Cosplay Wig

This Naruto Sakura Haruno cosplay wig will allow you to have the same Sakura look from the Naruto series. Sakura is the most frequent female character in Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, in fact, created Sakura to portray a heroine stereotype. The character, therefore, with the passing of the years, improves more and more under the guidance of the sannin Tsunade.

As we all know, the wig is an extremely important cosplay accessory that will allow you to complete and refine the look of the character. Our wig will arrive pre-styled, but will lose some of its volume during transportation. This means that you will have to fix it again before wearing it following the line suggested by our hairdressers. To do this, just use a hair dryer, hairspray or hair wax, just as if you had to style your hair before leaving the house.

This is what sets our cosplay wigs apart

1) The first point to consider when buying wig are the fibers that make it up. These must be not only of quality, but also resistant and soft to be easier to style and pleasant to the touch.

2) Our wigs are made for can be used several times without too many problems and can be wash as needed, in order to untangle knots or clean them of excess dirt that can accumulate over time. To do this you can use simple neutral soap and a sponge so that the wig will not lose its color or its natural brilliance, but it will always be perfect for any event (we recommend this treatment after 6-8 uses).
< br> 3) Once we have finished assembling the fibers, so that the wigs are natural, we do a particular quality control aimed at testing their resistance to ensure the buyer a product of fine workmanship. During this process we simulate extreme use to check its tightness and resistance, passing it several times with a special pointed comb in order to stress it as much as possible. With this process, the weakest fibers tear leaving and only the sturdy, strong ones remains, furthermore the treatment makes them softer and more pleasant to the touch. This will ensure the best possible resistance to your wig, making sure that even passing a hand through the strands, they do not fall out in large quantities.

Don't be fooled by too cheap prices! Probably a cost of a few dollars involves poor quality of the fibers, little resistance, difficulty in styling it and even a not very thick look, exposing the net under the wig, which aesthetically is not really the best.

Additional Information
Production Time

16 - 19 days

Parrucca pre-acconciata

It must be styled again after delivery

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HAKUNA MATATA INSURANCE Thanks to our special HAKUNA MATATA insurance, you can really eliminate all problems and be "thoughtless". If there are any problems with the measurements due to our error, we will completely redo that part or the entire product from scratch. But there is more! If we verify together that the fault was yours, we will remake that part for you with an exclusive price lower than its normal standard cost.

Take care of your Cosplay

Place your cosplay costume on a hanger and, if possible, covered with a nylon cloth. Otherwise, store in a closed box away from heat sources and humid places. For washing it is recommended to do it by hand, at low temperatures and with lukewarm water and neutral soap, with the help of a sponge.

For cosplay wigs you can straighten and blow dry them; always start with low temperatures and always do it very carefully. To style clumps or specific areas you can use hair wax, gel, strong hairspray and, in extreme cases, even glue. Start by experimenting in non-visible areas and then proceed to the interested part.